Inching closer to goal weight and beyond

signwk3It’s been awhile since I last reported on actual weight loss results. I shied away from making any announcements in “the morning after” because the news was, how shall I say, lackluster? For two weeks in a row I stayed the same. The scale wouldn’t budge. I hate that scale. I know it could have been worse. “At least you didn’t gain” is what I heard people say, but I was more than a little disappointed and confused. I worked this program like nobody’s business! As far as I can tell I followed the plan to a T. I stayed within my points range, recorded every morsel that went into my mouth, and walked longer distances around town. What more do I need to do?

The one thing that has kept me committed to staying on the program, in spite of the achingly slow slide to a better me, is that I do feel slimmer, trimmer, and more energetic. Without the structure of Weight Watchers I would actually be in a worse jam – so quitting isn’t an option. Today, I am so much more comfortable in my skin. I have to keep going. So after two weeks of hovering around the same weight, I dropped two pounds and then another pound and a half. So far I’ve lost 13.5 pounds in ten weeks. I’ve got less than ten pounds to reach goal. I’d personally like to get below 140 pounds and stay there forever.

While we’re on the subject of forever, I’ve been thinking a lot about the days, weeks, months and years ahead of me (G-d willing) and how my eating habits will have to remain the same as they are today. For the rest of my life, I will need to carefully select the foods that I eat. What more evidence do I need? I have already proved in countless “experiments” that I am not one of the lucky people who burn food faster than they can eat it. It’s sad, but truer than anything I’ve ever known. It means that I will always have to bypass huge sections in the supermarket, scan restaurant menus for the lower fat, lower calorie alternatives, incorporate and ingrain all I’ve learned from my days at Weight Watchers. There has to be no time off from mindful eating. I can live with that. What about you?


Parties don’t have to be lonely places for dieters

pavlovasMeIf you are striving to lose weight through the dog days of summer, you have my sympathy. I know it’s not easy to get back to a slimmer, leaner you during the hot summer months. Everywhere you go, you’re met with people who are eating, drinking and making merry. It takes focus and concentration  not to join them. Parties can be a very lonely place for dieters – but if you take a closer look you may find that most people are not as into pigging out as you might think. Sometimes it may seem as if you’re the only person holding back at the party table, but the truth is there are many other people struggling to make the right food choices everywhere you go.
At a recent July 4th barbecue I was delighted to discover that people actually preferred the lower calorie dessert I had provided. The wise people at WW tell you to always bring something you can eat to parties, but I had no idea that doing so would serve to validate my deepest desire to eat healthier and get leaner. On the day of the cook-out, I made mini-pavlovas. I’m not a foodie and don’t have tons of recipes in my repertoire but I found it on the Weight Watchers website which is freely available to everyone (link below). Pavlovas are meringue-like cookies that hail from Australia. The egg whites and sugar combine to make a low-fat crunchy-sweet treat. After topping the Pavlova’s with whipped cream and berries they were placed with the other desserts, and I quietly watched what happened next.

The pavlova’s were quickly snatched up, and it seemed as if party-goers actually preferred the lower calorie treat to the brownies and pie. I was shocked because I love key lime pie and at first had been preoccupied with the sad fact that I wasn’t having it! I had been really feeling sorry for myself for most of the eating portion of the party. And, then someone sitting across from me noticed the pavlova on my plate and was actually curious. Not only did she want to know what it was, she wanted details, including portion sizes and ingredients! I loved it. To my surprise and joy I learned that she had been a weight watcher lecturer and was keen on scoping out every lower calorie dessert she could find. What followed was a lively discussion of her experience as a lecturer and the struggles of  staying slim through the ages.

Follow this link for the complete recipe, including nutrition facts and reviews.