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Starting over by getting on the scale

The above feet aren't mine, but the sentiment is.

The above feet aren’t mine, but the sentiment is.

Getting up in the morning is tough for everyone, it’s tougher for me since I have been putting myself through inspections I never pass. First, it begins with a long, hard, sad look in the mirror. Then I pray the things I see can’t be seen by others. I’m an impassioned trickster, a magician who can make inches of me seemingly disappear. So what if I have to wear a jacket all the way till June to carry it off. Does anyone really care that I’m still wearing a sweater on the 4th of July? I don’t think so. I wish I had just gotten on the scale months and months ago, instead I’ve been subjecting myself to mental torture because I gave up trying to stay at my goal weight. Weight Watchers™ gives you the strength to face this dilemma. Because the first thing you have to do when you get there is step up on the scale. After years of denial, it was time to face the truth. Well dear reader, the earth didn’t quake, the ceiling didn’t cave in, and the planet continued it’s spin; it was all okay. Whew! Instead I experienced an incredible sense of relief and now have the freedom to start something new and better. For now, my friends, the time spent hiding behind that which I refused to see are over and I am grateful for that.