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10 Reasons why Meeting Leaders are the Foundation of the Weight Watcher program

weight-watchers-meetings1There is something undeniably powerful about having the face-to-face weekly meeting with the representatives of Weight Watchers. The lecturers have the tools, experience and wisdom to get others through many of the hungry days and all those awful trigger foods. Having a person in charge to record results, acknowledge milestones, and teach the program means so much to me and countless others. Here are my ten reasons why WW Lecturers are the foundation of its much beloved 50 year program.

  1. Lecturers welcome you with open arms and never make you feel wrong for being overweight.
  2. They celebrate your weight loss wins and if you slip up they encourage you to never give up.
  3. They keep a straight face when members confess they’ve been “off” the program. They never buy into your reasons why or stories of woe.
  4. They listen to what you have to say and still keep the meetings focused on the ultimate goal, to lose weight and keep it off with as little suffering and hunger as possible.
  5. They send you back to your life with enough tips and tricks to lose weight even in the toughest of circumstances.
  6. They teach you how to stay on the program through parties, holidays and vacations.
  7. They push you to add exercise to your regime and to make changes to your routines.
  8. They tell you its okay to go ahead and douse your family’s food scraps with liquid detergent before you have the chance to pop it in your mouth.
  9. They always look for new and better ways to talk about following the program.
  10. They want to see less of you next week – and thank you very much – someone has to!

What has your Weightwatchers leader meant to you? Before you head to the beach in that adorable skimpier bathing suit, or run out to see a movie with your own brand of popcorn stowed away in your bag; take a few minutes to tell me about your favorite unsung hero – the WW lecturer. What have you achieved together?